Get Two Free Pints All This Week For Office Workers At Brewdog Edinburgh

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Brewdog have launched a new campaign called “Brewdog Out of Office” to help bring office worked back together and take a proper lunchbreak! You can get the full details below and how to claim your free beers. 

“The modern age has brought us together like never before. But increasingly in the wrong ways. Take lunchtimes. If working through or bolting a sandwich in front of your computer is your lot, we say enough is enough. It’s time to reclaim the great British lunch break.

“This week between 12-2pm if you show your Out of Office at any UK BrewDog Bar, we’ll give you a pint, on us. And if you come in with a pal, we’ll give you two. Just sign up here.

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This is an opportunity to catch-up with friends, partners, colleagues. The always-on culture of today has derailed the tradition of switching off for a while to recharge and regroup. And it stops you returning to work in a better frame of mind to tackle what the afternoon has for you. Don’t stay connected over lunch – reconnect instead with what (and who) matters.

If you head to the BrewDog Out of Office website we’ll email you a QR code with suggested OOO messages to leave as you lock your computer and head for some much-needed downtime with one of your friends and us. Just show us that Out of Office message when you get to the bar and we’ll give you a free pint (or two if you are with a mate) of Punk IPA, Lost Lager, Nanny State or Punk AF.

Lunchtime is about much more than eating a meal – it is a key part of the day for reclaiming time for you, and to improve your wellbeing. We are offering alcohol-free beers alongside the two Headliners, and will be here for you between 12-2pm Monday 25th to Friday 29th November to help balance your day at its midway point, and then go back to work in a better frame of mind”

To find out more and sign up, visit

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